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Sempervivum 'Forest Frost'

Sempervivum 'Forest Frost'


Leaves tipped in brown with cotton-like threads spread across the top which give a spider-web look.
Your plant will be similar to the one in the photos.

Fully rooted

2" pot

Ships in a plastic pot with soil.

Not as picky about soil

Part sun, protect from hot afternoon sun

Likes more moisture than other succulents, don't leave it dry for too long

Sempervivums stay small and low to the ground and put out tons of offsets to create a cluster. They are some of the most cold-hardy succulents, able to survive the winter under snow as they do in their natural habitat in the high mountains of central and southern Europe. After a few years a rosette will grow a spectacular flower, which is the end of life for that particular rosette. But don’t worry, it will leave you with tons of offsets so you won’t lose the plant from your collection. You can propagate these by removing an offset and replanting it in soil. They are susceptible to drying out, especially in hot sun, so don’t let them stay dry for too long.