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Orostachys spinosa - Vivid Root
Orostachys spinosa - Vivid Root

Orostachys spinosa


Orostachys are shape shifters. They have a totally different look through their life cycle. From a rosette resembling a sempervivum, they grow a dense circle of leaves in the center, put out lots of offsets, then the main rosette turns into a big flower stalk covered in blooms. That bloom means the end of the main rosette, but then you have tons of babies to carry on with.
Your plant will be similar to the one in the photos.

Recent import, roots are very minimal. If you prefer a plant with more roots you can wait a couple of weeks for a future batch

shown in 3.5" pots

Ships bare root. Pot and soil not included.

Vivid Root 30% Soil Mix or similar

Part sun, protect from hot afternoon sun

Let dry between watering, water deeply