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Mystery Pack - scratch and dent - Vivid Root


Mystery Pack - scratch and dent


You get an assortment of 5 unique plants we've selected, with a total value of $20 or more.

Don't worry we'll ensure each pack has a fun variety of healthy, fuzzy, spongey, pointy, colorful plants. Maybe you get a graptoveria, a haworthia, an echeveria and two other plants you never heard of, but that's the fun of it.

These packs are scratch and dent - meaning some plants (not all) have minor cosmetic damage. They are healthy though, and the cosmetic stuff will grow out. They might have some sunburn, or be missing some farina or leaves, or other stuff. 


Part sun, protect from hot afternoon sun

Let dry between watering, water deeply

Not as picky about soil, store bought succulent mix is good, especially if you add some sand or perlite/pumice to make it drain a little better

2" pots

Ships in a plastic pot with soil.