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Haworthia Mystery Pack - Vivid Root

Haworthia Mystery Pack


This is a 2 plant mystery deal. It will include on larger haworthia from a 4" pot and  one that we have paired with it from a 2". They will both have healthy well established roots.

A great deal on a cute pair of haworthias

Haworthias can do well indoors if you have a bright window. They like morning sun but should not bake in hot afternoon sun. They are also extra sensitive to staying wet, they need very fast draining soil or their roots will rot.

Size:1 plant in a 4" pot, 1 plant in a 2" pot 

Light: Part sun, protect from afternoon hot sun
Water: Let dry fully between watering, water deeply
Soil: Use fast draining soil

Ships bare root. Pot and soil are not included.