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Echidnopsis dammanniana
Echidnopsis dammanniana
Echidnopsis dammanniana

Echidnopsis dammanniana


Low growing plant which grows lots of branches to form a loose cluster. Thick stems with no leaves. Makes tiny flowers that sit against the stem. A very unusual plant! Some are single stems and some have branches.

Your plant will be similar to the one in the photos.

Recent import, roots are very minimal. If you prefer a plant with more roots you can wait a couple of weeks for a future batch

shown in 2.5" pot

Ships bare root. Pot and soil not included.

Vivid Root Mineral Mix or similar

Mostly shade, morning sun only

Needs vary through the year

Stapeliads have thick stems which range from green to red/purple depending on sun exposure. They are easy to keep alive, but need just the right conditions for blooming. The challenge is worth it because many of them have spectacular blooms, hence the common name, “Starfish Flower”. Many stapeliads have evolved to be pollinated by flies, so they emit a rotting meat smell to attract them, leading to their other common name, “Carrion Flower”. These plants like to stay warm and dry. Use a very well draining soil mix (I use my 10% mix), and make sure they dry out fully between watering. They are highly susceptible to rotting if they get too wet. They also like semi-shade, so make sure they are protected from hot afternoon sun. That said, they won’t flower if they aren’t getting enough light. Give only minimal water during the winter - that is their resting period.