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Mystery cuttings pack - Vivid Root
Mystery cuttings pack - Vivid Root

Mystery cuttings pack


Cuttings! In each pack you will get a set of unique cuttings with no repeats. They will be a variety of different types, such as crassula, sedum, aeonium, echeveria, etc. The photos show a sample of the cuttings you might get. 

If you order more than one pack I'll do my best to get you different cuttings but you will probably get some repeats. 

When you get your cuttings, just stick them in some soil and water them when they are dry. These should root easily, but I can't guarantee that 100% of them will take. Buy at your own risk!

Your plant will be similar to the one in the photos.

each cutting will be at least 1" long

Ships bare root. Pot and soil not included.

Not as picky about soil, store bought succulent mix is good, especially if you add some sand or perlite/pumice to make it drain a little better

Part sun, protect from hot afternoon sun

Let dry between watering, water deeply

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