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Conophytum devium - Vivid Root
Conophytum devium - Vivid Root
Conophytum devium - Vivid Root
Conophytum devium - Vivid Root

Conophytum devium


Conophytums grow naturally in South Africa, where they mimic the rocks around them and blend right in. These are a challenging plant to grow at home, but worth it! 

These plants have shallow root systems, so they don't need particularly deep pots. You can read more about conophytum care in this article.

Summer: During intense heat, conos will enter a resting period. Outer leaves dry up and protect the new leaves inside. Starting in about July, increase watering to once every 1-2 weeks. The new leaves will grow and break through the papery shell, then they will flower if the plant is old enough. 

Fall and Winter: Gradually reduce water to once every 3-4 weeks. Plants will get wrinkles when they need more water. 

Spring: From mid Feb to early April, increase watering to every 1-2 weeks. Then, stop watering for the resting period. 

Size: 3/8" to 1/2" across
Color: These come in varying shades of red and green.

This batch has a lot of variety in color. They also have very healthy, developed roots to help you get off to a great start!

Your plant will be similar to the one in the photos.

Part sun, protect from hot afternoon sun

Needs vary through the year

Use fast draining soil

Ships bare root. Pot and soil not included.