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Aeonium 'Velour' - Vivid Root
Aeonium 'Velour' - Vivid Root
Aeonium 'Velour' - Vivid Root

Aeonium 'Velour'


Aeonium 'Velour' grows up to 2 feet tall on a long stalk. It branches out into deep red to purple edges that contrast vividly against its bright green center - almost like a reverse, purple sunflower. It's smooth shaped leaves have a very soft texture which is where its namesake comes from.

It loves climates akin to its Canary Island and Northern African origins: sunny, warm and even hot! It blooms in the summer into yellow star-shaped flowers. These Aeonium will deepen in color over time.

Your plant will be similar to the one in the photos.

Part to full sun

Likes more moisture than other succulents, don't leave it dry for too long

Likes more moisture, can tolerate regular potting soil

shown in 4” pot

Ships in a plastic pot with soil.