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Adromischus 'lychee skin' - Vivid Root
Adromischus 'lychee skin' - Vivid Root
Adromischus 'lychee skin' - Vivid Root
Adromischus 'lychee skin' - Vivid Root
Adromischus 'lychee skin' - Vivid Root

Adromischus 'lychee skin'


These are other worldly rare, just so strangely beautiful.

They have small thick branches for their oblong-cone tipped leaves covered in a rough little texture. The colors!!! There is so much variation. Leaves can be anything from deeper rusty mauve/reds to golds and powdery white coatings...and then these simply amazing tinges of blue/greens and purple hues. Blossoms grow from thin delicate white stalks out of center clusters.

Adromischus plants stay small, so its easy to keep a collection in a small space. They have a wonderful variation in leaf colors and shapes, and are very easy to propagate from leaves. These plants are hard to find, but very fun to collect.

PICK YOUR PLANT! You get the exact plant you choose from the photo with the letters

Size: Plants are shown in 2" pots

Light: Bright sun
Water: Every 1-2 weeks, once a month in winter
Soil: Use fast draining soil

Ships bare root.

Adromischus are fairly easy plants that generally grow slowly and stay compact, so its easy to have a big collection in a small space. Plant them in well draining soil and water them after they dry out. They like lots of sun, and develop their best colors if they have enough. Some types develop a thick base known as a caudex as they age. All can be propagated easily from the leaves, just stick the end that was attached to the stem into soil and wait. It can take quite a long time, but eventually little leaves will pop up and you will have a new plant. They grow long, sometimes twisty flower stems with tiny flowers.