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Greenovia 'Pink Lip Love'
Greenovia 'Pink Lip Love'
Greenovia 'Pink Lip Love' - Vivid Root
Greenovia 'Pink Lip Love' - Vivid Root
Greenovia 'Pink Lip Love' - Vivid Root

Greenovia 'Pink Lip Love'


These sprawling clusters have open rosettes and medium green leaves. They can get quite a nice muave blush as they get more dormant. So cute!

Current batch looks like FIRST 2 pics. These are smaller single rosettes, and most are already starting to form lots of little branches. 


Your plant will be similar to the one in the photos.

Fully rooted

Ships bare root. Pot and soil not included.

Vivid Root Bark Mix or similar

Part sun, protect from hot afternoon sun

Needs vary through the year

Greenovias develop gorgeous colors and shapes during their summer dormant period. They are not too hard to take care of, other than some specific watering needs. Once they start going dormant in the summer heat, they should only get watered about once a month. Water them carefully so no water gets trapped inside the rosette. At this point, it's normal for some of the outer leaves to die. As the weather cools in the fall, they will start to open up. At this point you can resume regular watering. Greenovias are closely related to Aeoniums. Like Aeoniums, they like more water than other succulents - only during their growing season of course. They are very sensitive to cold, so don't let them freeze. Aeoniums and Greenovias can get bruised very easily in shipping. For this reason I've left most of the dead leaves on them. After you get them, feel free to remove the dead leaves if you like that look better.

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