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Growing Lithops

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Lithops grow naturally in South Africa, where they mimic the rocks around them and blend right in. These are a challenging plant to grow at home, but worth it! 


When you get your Lithops, plant them in very well draining soil. Your soil should have about 10% organic matter, and the rest should be mineral like sand, pumice, etc. This way, your soil will dry very quickly and won't keep water around to rot your plant. Our 10% Soil Mix is perfect :)


The absolute most common mistake in growing lithops is watering them too much. They really need very little water. 

If they have a 2nd set of leaves that they are still absorbing, don't water them until the outer leaves have dried up. 

Summer: Only give a small amount of water if they start to look shriveled. Otherwise NO WATER. 

Fall: Growing season. Water regularly and let the soil dry out completely and totally before watering again

Winter: Plant has split and new leaves are growing. New leaves will absorb the old leaves. NO WATER.

Spring: Regular watering, starting light and ramping up to a few good drenchings in mid-spring.


The second most common mistake is not giving them enough light. In this case they will get stretched out and taller. This gives them a much lower chance of surviving long term. Make sure they are in a sunny spot like a south facing window our outside (but protected from rain and frost).


Growing from seed is challenging, but gives you access to lots more types of Lithops. Just beware about buying seeds from Amazon and other questionable sources, most of them are fake! A great starting point is the Lithops Seed Mix from Mesa Garden.


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A guide to the cultivation of Lithops - a great webpage with lots of details on all aspects of keeping your Lithops healthy

Living Stones: Lithops - great article with some interesting history and care info

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