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6 Succulents That Could Be Superheroes

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Looking for a succulent with superpowers? While every succulent is special, there are some that are particularly gifted or unique. The more we learn about these plants, the more amazed we are with their incredible abilities, so we thought it might be fun to round up some noteworthy succulents and assign them their very own superhero counterparts. Have a superhero example of your own? After you read through our list, add it in the comments, or tag us on instagram! We can’t wait to hear what you think! 

6. Corpuscularia lehmannii variegated: The Muscle Maven

 corpuscularia lehmannii variegated

Here’s a succulent strong enough to support a train! 'Ice Plants' were discovered to grow remarkably well in shallow soil and thrive in crevices of rocks, just like the rocky terrain put into place around railroad tracks. As a result, Ice Plants were transplanted from South Africa to the coast of California during the expansion of the railroad to help prevent costly erosion around tracks.

However, Ice Plants are now often grown for their showy flowers with no regard for their power potential. Corpuscularia lehmannii is no exception with huge daisy-like blooms that burst like a firework from the ends of its stems. This variegated version is not only a lovely swirl of greens and yellows—it also forms a carpet with its long twisting stalks.

5. Sinocrassula yunnanensis ("Chinese Jade"): The Dark Knight

 sinocrassula yunnanensis

This dark, secretive succulent can cause a stir and add intrigue wherever it is planted. Sinocrassula yunnanensis, or "Chinese Jade," easily stands out in a garden or plant collection, thanks to its inky black color that is a dramatic contrast to an average green succulent. 

It also takes an unusual form as it grows. Initially, it starts out as a small spikey ball, close to the ground. However, as it grows, it reveals its "hedgehog" nature, adding more rosettes and becoming a round mound covered in soft spikey leaves. It takes time to see these results, and it’s always exciting to see how these little plants develop and come into their own.

4. Pseudolithos migirtinus: The Blob


At first glance, this funny plant doesn’t even appear to be a succulent. Instead, it looks more like a mushroom with warts. However, as it continues to bulge into its wrinkled mound shape, it eventually shoots out a large, unexpected cluster of maroon flowers. While other plants attract bees and butterflies with the the sweet nectar of their blooms, this one smells like manure and attracts flies as its pollinators. Between the large and deeply contrasting flower ornament and the light green half orb below, Pseudolithos migiurtinus resembles something completely otherworldly. 

3. Tylecodon schaeferianus: The Aquaman


Tylecodon schaeferianus can hydrate itself in the most extreme situations. As a caudiciform plant, its gnarly stems and roots are swollen and act as a water reservoir system. This makes it able to survive in desert conditions with practically no water at all. On top of that, it protects those reserves from being eaten with a poisonous film. This plant could really be a tossup between Aquaman and Poison Ivy with its wide variety of powers!

2. Aeonium sedifolium: The Sticky Situation

 aeonium sedifolium

Do superheroes ever use slime as a weapon? We’re not sure, but if they did, they should consider Aeonium sedifolium as a weapon! These plants are a favorite among cultivators, and with good reason. They are attractive with their contrasting red and green leaves and look like mini trees. While their pretty exterior might lead some to reach out and touch them, be careful! The Aeonium sedifolium has tacky sticky leaves that can be surprising to unsuspecting garden visitors. 

1. Orostachys Japonica Rock Pine: The Shapeshifter

 rock pine

Orostachys Japonica Rock Pine is one of the most isolated plants on this list. It grows out of rocks high in the mountains of Japan. Due to its inaccessibility, it can reproduce hermaphroditically, which is an unusual power in itself. 

But even more than this, they have a dramatically different look at different parts of their life cycle. From a tiny rosette, to an upright tree, to a long flower spike, you wouldn't even know this is the same plant. 

Have a superhero plant that we need to add to the Superhero Succulent list? Tell us below!



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  • Love all these! When will you have #5 Chinese jade again? I must have it.

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